Artist Statement

March 13, 2015

My studio work explores a contemporary human narrative through a blended language of realism and abstraction primarily using the drawing, painting and printmaking disciplines. A slow process of building form and space using additive and subtractive techniques allows for a prolonged investigation of physical and metaphysical spaces. I appreciate and employ conventions of historical imagery using classical concepts of space, figuration and narrative. The work interweaves contemporary issues with design, composition and concept as tools that guide an unraveling expression of ideas and emotion. Like a hike or journey, I begin with a goal and a direction then let the mark-making experience evolve. Morphology and psychology inspire me, offering further inquiry with each revelation, and ideas develop from a union of the mind, action of the body and a relationship with tools. Expressive figures often occupy the space, conveying meaning to the viewer through gazes, gestures, and relationships. In the picture plane, written words and phrases serve to mark poetic moments during the process and reinforce perceptual flatness. The natural world figures prominently in my work where flora and fauna provide context for the space. Concepts of technology and spirit influence me equally, and humor persists. The artwork explores life with an open-ended, humanitarian goal summarized by a desire to contribute positive momentum to the seemingly entropic system of our modern world. My method includes working on multiple pieces concurrently and pursuing a theme through different media. Teaching, research, still life studies, plein air paintings and figure drawing are routine practices that keep my skill current and inform my studio work.

-Bartholomew Lynch